Month: <span>May 2021</span>

Asset-Based Lending VS Cash Flow: Knowing What Needs to Be

Accessing borrowed capital is what can drive many small or medium-sized businesses towards success. And it is inevitably a source of funds that most businesses rely on at some point in their operations. This mode of external funding provides a lot of liquidity to the business. As it is a non-bank source of lending, they […]Read More

A quick look at the role & relevance of industrial

Office buildings, distribution centers & warehouses, factories, manufacturing units, beverage units, data centers, pharma plants, automobile dealerships – These are all examples of industrial projects, and each one is unique and different than others. Planning an industrial project and designing everything from scratch requires expertise. That’s where an industrial architect steps in. Expectedly, the work […]Read More

A Guide on Buying Office Chairs – Features to Consider

Office furniture has a signature aura of its own. Office chairs are especially the focus of attention in terms of health. Besides, the current pandemic situation has pushed many people to work from home. So, whether it’s your home office that you want a chair for or your office, there are some features that you […]Read More

5 key factors for sorting & buying standing desks

Standing desks, or standup desks, are ideal for professionals who prefer to move at work. As the name suggests, a stand-up desk allows the user to sit and stand as needed or at will. Just by standing for more hours, you can expect to burn more calories. Also, sitting for long hours can impact spinal […]Read More

Types of Signs and Commercial Services You Can Use to

Customized signs are what customers associate with the most. When the signboard of your business is unique, it gets stuck in the memory of customers. That’s how the visibility and traffic increase. Besides, the most popular businesses always have signs that are exclusive to their brand only.  Wondering what are the signs and the many […]Read More

Why Is Pest Control Important?

Agricultural pests are responsible for a large part of crop productivity losses. This means that they are synonymous with wasting money, inputs, and labor. Therefore, when they multiply, they can generate disturbances in developing crops and cause financial losses for the rural producer. You shouldn’t leave it to multiply, get help as seen in […]Read More

Why You Should Let a Customs Broker Lead You to

When exporting and importing goods, you need to ensure they reach their destination safely and on time. You must hire an expert who understands the legal custom requirements of every country for a smooth transit process. While conditions and procedures may vary based on the customs of every country, this process can be complex no […]Read More

Things to Remember When Booking a Band to Play Live

Live music is the life of any party. It sets the mood, brings alive the audience, and spreads happiness and positivity. And that’s the entire purpose of hosting an event – people having fun. Your guests will remember the music just as much as your hospitality. Hence, you must pick a band after doing proper […]Read More