Why Is Pest Control Important?

 Why Is Pest Control Important?

Agricultural pests are responsible for a large part of crop productivity losses. This means that they are synonymous with wasting money, inputs, and labor. Therefore, when they multiply, they can generate disturbances in developing crops and cause financial losses for the rural producer. You shouldn’t leave it to multiply, get help as seen in https://www.guardianhome.com/pest-control-puyallup/ for immediate control.

In this sense, pest control is important because it can combat infestations, minimize damage to plantations, lose productivity, and avoid financial losses. Before even putting the seeders on the field, we must be prepared to face adversity. And one of the major concerns is the attack of pests, especially because pest insects in the crop are present before, during, and after planting.

What you should do to minimize the risk of attack by the main agricultural pests?

This implies the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (MIP). So, we must follow some simple steps in the off-season:

  • proceed with sampling with identification of the insect-pest
  • check its population density
  • decide on the best tool to be used, including biological, chemical, and cultural control

Among the measures to be adopted, we can mention the correct use of the product dose from places like guardian home pest control amongst others to the target pest, rotate the action mechanisms, and prioritize selective insecticides to natural enemies of agricultural pests.

Given the off-season, it is also worth considering using cover crops or green manure that does not host the main agricultural pests in your area. All of this, in addition to weed control, as we have already commented.

When You Should Be Concerned With The Main Agricultural Pests?

In view of the successive cultivation system, with crops overlapping crops, the so-called green bridges, we observe pests at any time of the year. Thus, to avoid frustrations after planting, good pest management for the harvest should be started even in the off-season.

But Why Is The Off-Season A Critical And Determining Period For Crops?

This is because the culture establishment phase is the most susceptible/sensitive to attack by pests and diseases. Thus, the presence of initial inoculants and high population densities of the main agricultural pests can compromise the entire planning of the harvest.

Therefore, in the off-season, we must do “homework,” such as controlling weeds and tigueras. This is because they serve as shelter and food for pests, allowing them to reproduce in the off-season.

Felton Walsh