Everything about organic meat in Canada 

 Everything about organic meat in Canada 

Beef in Canada that meets the organic beef requirements has an organic grade certificate. Those farms that want to sell organic beef have to appear for periodic evaluation of their cattle. 

The requirements are stringent, and the meat with 95% organic content passes the test. If the meat is organically certified, it will have a label citing it in front of the packaging. 

To know more about organic beef, read the information below. 

Who gets organic certification?

To get organic certification, 60% of cattle feed should be hay or other dried plant material. 30% of cattle should be foraging grass in open pastures to apply for the organic beef label. 

  • Similarly, you should not grow cattle using antibiotics or growth hormones if you want an organic certification. 
  • Besides the certification, people are now increasingly moving towards meat that is free from hormones and antibiotics.
  • However, there is an exception for the usage of antibiotics when the animal is sick. 

Is there any change in taste between organic and non-organic beef?

Yes, users have vouched that organic beef tastes much better than non-organic ones. However, nutrient composition and taste mainly depend on the method of preparation. You can try both types to decide which suits your taste buds more. 

Is natural beef and organic beef the same?

The simple answer is no! 

Natural beef comes from an animal that grows up in the wild with almost nil human intervention. 

Organic beef is from cattle grown on a farm and not naturally grown cattle. There are separate labels for naturally raised cattle beef and organic beef. 

As per your preference, you can choose either of these two. You can check for the separate labels on the beef products while picking them up from the supermarket. 

Should you choose organic beef against conventional beef?

In Canada, there are stringent quality checks for beef production. Both conventional and organic beef meet health standards to reach the market. It is your personal preference to go for an organic or conventional one.  

Concluding thoughts 

If you are an organic food lover, you have brands like Farm Club Meats that sell good-quality organic beef in Canada. 

Pre-processed beef hotdogs, burger patties, and steaks are easily available in Canadian markets. You can also order them in bulk quantities online and get them delivered to your doorstep! 

Look out for organic meat labels to make sure that you are getting organic beef, just like you wanted.

Clare Louise