5 Best Blushes which Gives Healthy and Natural Looking Glow to Cheeks

 5 Best Blushes which Gives Healthy and Natural Looking Glow to Cheeks

Makeup is the need of hour for every girl but makeup is incomplete without using few things like foundation, mascara, lip-color and mainly blush. Yes blush is very important in makeup because it gives an illuminating look to whole makeup. Dark and glow shades of blushes are very trendy and can easily go in all seasons especially in springs when everything around you is colorful then you should also look colorful. Blushes provide a touch of different color to your one toned face and make it beautiful. Blushes are not only meant for cheeks but they can also be applied on nose and chin edges. Blushes offer a very cute look to makeup. Cheeks start blushing and look filled after using blushes. While buying blushes, you must keep in mind that you need matte or shimmery blush. Don’t worry we are here to make your purchase easy by offering you Sephora promo code available at couponbahrain.com and get nice discount. Following are our most recommended blushes for you.

Milani Kiss Cheek Pinky Blush:

This blush is made with skin friendly ingredients like rose extracts, watermelon and pomegranate. Due to these ingredients it provides your skin a radiant glow throughout the day. It is well pigmented and blends on your skin perfectly. It is very easy to use and gives nice color. It is cruelty free so people with sensitive skin can also use them.

Perricone No Makeup MD Blush:

It is perfect pick if you want to treat your skin with something healthy because it is formulated with ginger and vitamin C. This blush is visible on your skin and makes your complexion bright over time. It is best for that time when you want to give no make-up look. It also has extracts from Chinese plants which are healthy for skin. 

Chantecaille Cheek Hydrating Blush:

This blush provides hydration to your skin as shown in its name. If you apply normal quantity of it on your skin then it will stay on face for whole day with right color. Do you want two in one deal? It can be used on eyelids too. Then go and grab it by using Sephora promo code at hand couponbahrain.com to avoid the break of your bank.

Maybelline Cheek Sheer Blush:

It is very affordable and easy for everyone to purchase. It is cheap but the quality is excellent. It provides glossier look to your cheeks with right amount of pigmentation. You can use it on bare skin or over the foundation, it gives the same result. It has unmatched building capabilities. It is best for those who have oily skin because it is oil-free.

Covergirl Fresh-Clean Blush:

It provides nourishment to your skin because it has hydration power due to hyaluronic acid. It does not make you feel heavy and gives a light look. It is perfect for those who want to give natural look. It has color options too. You can purchase it in your favorite color by utilizing Sephora promo code accessible at couponbahrain.com to save your money.

Clare Louise