The “When” Of Jacuzzi Maintenance

 The “When” Of Jacuzzi Maintenance

Regular hot tub maintenance is what is going to maintain your health spa in “excellent” shape. Furthermore, some jacuzzi upkeep practices just need to be done monthly, seasonally, as well as each year. We have laid out the “when” of spa maintenance for you below.

  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Keep an eye on your hot tub cover. Make sure it is protected as well as tidy when your medical spa is not being used
  • Check your water chemistry a minimum of two times a week
  • Wipe your jacuzzi with a sponge a minimum of when a week; particularly around the waterline
  • Sterilize as well as shock your water at the least as soon as a week
  • Take out your hot spa filter(s) as well as provide it a complete water rinsing
  • Month-to-month Maintenance
  • Offer your day spa filter(s) a chemical bath.
  • Clean your day spa cover
  • Inspect your spa’s lines as well as jets
  • Tidy your Jacuzzi’s cupboard
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Drainpipe as well as extensively clean your health club. For assistance doing this, please refer to an overview
  • Give your health facility filter(s) a chemical bath as well as soak
  • Flush and clean your lines to get rid of any biofilm that could have accumulated
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Provide your health facility’s hardware twice as well as look for any type of damages
  • Call a solution specialist to double-check that your day spa is in good condition


Did you understand that the more you run your hot spa water, the more circulation there is, and the cleaner your spa will be! If the water is continuously distributing, inorganic as well as organic impurities have less time to settle as well as develop within your health facility.

With normal circulation, your filters will in turn catch as well as trap more impurities. It is extremely crucial to regularly tidy as well as saturate your day spa filters as a result of this.

Chester Swift