How is the life of a SEBI Grade A officer?

 How is the life of a SEBI Grade A officer?

Examinations arranged by the SEBI are one of the most prestigious and demanded career options by the aspirants these days. Every year, hundreds of aspirants apply for this post just to enjoy various perks and benefits. Although this year’s exam is over, the students are already preparing for next year. 

Talking about the post, the salary structure, job description, and other important factors, the aspirants can enjoy a relaxing life. Cracking the SEBI Grade A exam, candidates can enjoy the post of assistant manager and eventually become the chairman. Hence, it is clear that this excellent opportunity is definitely not something that you must miss out on.

Few important highlights

  • Every year SEBI provides almost 147 vacancy seats solely for the post of assistant manager.
  • All the successful candidates who are recruited for this post have to serve a total probation period of years. Once the probation period is over, he or she can join the floor.
  • The gross monthly salary is almost INR 1,07,000 per month. However, you won’t get accommodation options once you get selected for this post.
  • When it comes to the assistant manager post, he or she gets almost INR 73,000 every month without accommodation.
  • It is important to understand that the ultimate career growth of an Assistant Manager is only to become the chairman.

SEBI Grade A: Vacancy

Talking about the vacancy for the Grade A post. As mentioned earlier, every year almost 147 vacancies are released for the posts of assistant manager. Due to the balanced work pressure and friendly environment, aspirants these days are opting for this post. Hence, you can expect to get some great benefits.

There are different streams when appearing for the Grade A examinations like general, legal, information technology, research, official language, civil engineering, etc. The seat reservation is quite good. Students from different backgrounds get equal opportunities to appear for the examination.

What is the salary structure for the SEBI Grade A post?

SEBI always features one of the best salary structures. Therefore, aspirants these days always choose to apply for this post without any doubt. Moreover, this post has huge demand. A manager working in SEBI earns almost INR 28150-1550(4)-343501750(7)-46600-EB-1750(4) -53600- 2000(1)-55600 (17 years).

There are also various account allowances and the gross emolument scale is approximately Rs. 1, 07,000/- per month. However, this does not include accommodation and INR 73,000/- every month with accommodation. It is vital to keep in mind that the salary structure is quite confusing. Within the first year, the basic pay of the SEBI Grade A officer ranges around INR 28,150. They even get four different annual increments of INR 1550. After 5 years, the basic pay increases to INR 34,450. 

Starting from the 6th to 12th year of the service, you will get an annual increment of INR 1750. Coming to the next four annual increments, it ranges to almost INR 1750. As a result, the annual pay ranges to almost INR 53,600.

Allowances enjoyed by the Grade A officers

Besides the basic pay, the grade A officers of SEBI enjoy the allowances as well as benefits, which is no doubt tempting. Some of the common allowances that the grade A officers enjoy are dearness allowance, local allowance, family allowance, house cleaning allowance, etc.

There are other benefits as well, which the assistant manager enjoys like medical expenses, education allowance, book grant, conveyance expenses, briefcase, subsidized lunch facility, staff furnishing scheme, etc.

Payscale for Grade A in SEBI

Here is a detailed list of the pay scale details that the grade A officers enjoy.

Grade Scale in INR
Junior assistant 13150-750(3)-15400-900(4)-19000-1200(6)-26200-1300(2)28800-1480(3)-33240-1750(1)-34990 (20 years)
Grade A 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)- 46600-EB-1750(4)-53600-2000(1)- 55600 (17 years)
Grade B 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-62400 (16 years)
Grade C 49000-1750(3)-54250-1900(2)- 58050-2000(4)-66050-EB-2000(2)- 70050-2150(1) -72200 (13 years)
Grade D 68500-2150(2)-72800-2250(6)-86300 (9 years)
Grade E 72800-2250(1)-75050-2400(2)- 79850-2500(3)-87350-3000(5)- 102350 (12 years
Grade F 101900-3000(4)-113900 (5 years)
Executive Director 120500-3500(2)-127500 (3 years)

However, it is important to understand that if you work for the SEBI Grade A post, you will be transferred to any location throughout India. Even you can be posted to other union territories according to the requirements of the branches. Once you get selected for the final round of the interview, you will be under the probation period for almost two years. 

Once you successfully complete the probationary period, you will become the permanent officer of the SEBI.

SEBI Grade A- Duties and responsibilities

As earlier mentioned, every year SEBI recruits many candidates from different schemes. Every stream as well as department comes with specific functions and being a part of the SEBI has to perform various functions. Once you join the office, the administration will make you understand the duties as well as responsibilities.

Irrespective of the streams, the duties or the responsibilities of the grade A officer fall in line with other duties from the organization. Here are some of the responsibilities of SEBI Grade A officers.

  • Approval of the stock exchanges by-laws
  • Stock exchange account approval and different players
  • Investigating and identifying various malpractices in the securities market
  • Changes of by-laws of the stock exchange

Career growth

It is important to understand that the grade A officers are the entry-level managers in the SEBI organization. Once you join the organization, you can become the executive director, which is the topmost post in the national organization. Moreover, even if you become the executive director, you will be promoted to the Chairman post. However, it is important to understand that promotions vary depending on the vacancies, work done within the organization, etc.

Hence, these are some of the things that you need to know about the life that Grade A officers of SEBI enjoy.

Leland Monahan