How do you hire a bodyguard for everyday protection? 

 How do you hire a bodyguard for everyday protection? 

Are you always surrounded by paparazzi and obsessive fans? If yes, then you need to hire a bodyguard. Fans might be lovable, but once they see their favorite celebrity, it can be dangerous. There are politicians whose life is in danger. What about rape victims and anyone who has witnessed a crime? They need protection from the bad boys (and girls) too. 

Don’t just hire a friend who has muscles and a big build. You need to contact professionals. Services like perceptage bodyguard services are the most elite sort of safety shields you can have around you. This is one of the most trusted agencies!

Now, just because we have highlighted the best place to hire a bodyguard doesn’t mean you don’t need to read the full post. 

We have highlighted how you can hire the best bodyguard for everyday protection. If you are always making public appearances and have tons of money or fame by your side, hiring a bodyguard is a must. Now, let’s dive into the article. 

#1 Setting a budget 

Bodyguards usually charge $200 to $900 a day. The expense totally depends on the level of danger. Do you need an armed bodyguard or something without ammunition? You need to figure out how much you want to pay the bodyguard. 

#2 Choosing the right kind of bodyguard 

There are two types of bodyguards. The first one is the executive protection bodyguard. They need to be hired for politicians, royalties, and celebrities. The hostile environment bodyguards are meant for military purposes and constant protection. 

#3 Find out when and where you need a bodyguard 

Some bodyguards get training for round-the-clock protection and others are trained to transport goods and guard during night time. You must think about your needs before hiring the right bodyguard. 

#4 Contact a professional agency for the right bodyguard 

Of course, independent bodyguards exist, but you have to find a reliable one. Anyone with industry experience is far more superior than an independent bodyguard. 

Professional agencies like Perceptage can help you get the perfect bodyguard. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Bodyguards need to be physically fit, alert, and skilled. A reliable bodyguard would’ve undergone rigorous training, so you should hire someone with experience and the necessary skills. 

Feel free to interview the bodyguard before hiring them. They should know how to drive a car professionally. Usual chauffeurs can drive the car and get you home safely, but they’re not bodyguards. A bodyguard will become an F1 racer if and when needed. 

Felton Walsh