Features to Look For When Purchasing a Smart Nightstand

 Features to Look For When Purchasing a Smart Nightstand

There is a good reason why maintaining a smart nightstand by the side of a bed continues to be a traditional bedroom arrangement: a bedside table with ample drawers and accessible dimensions adds ease to the process of organizing a bedroom and sitting in the space. In addition, modern smart nightstands  by global resources include more innovative, tech-friendly designs, making it simpler than ever to relax in bed with your electronic gadgets before turning off the lights or keeping your devices charged while you sleep.

Lamp Assist

Touch lighting, also known as lamp-assist technology, is an example of how convenience may be brought to life. Lamp assist technology has a touch-activated sensor bar that makes it easy to switch on or off the lights just by touching your nightstand. This makes the technology ideal for use in hotel rooms.

USB Ports & Power Outlets

It is now much more straightforward than ever before to keep your electronic gadgets plugged in and charged while also keeping the lights on in your bedroom, thanks to nightstands equipped with power outlets and USB connections. Additionally, most tech-friendly nightstands by global resources include USB connections and power outlets neatly positioned in easy-to-reach spots like the side paneling. This makes it quite simple to access and plug in your electronic devices.

Media Cutouts

Although using nightstands equipped with light assist technology, USB ports, and power outlets provides luxury bedside convenience, doing so also results in a mess of cables on the nightstand. If you shove all of your chargers and cords to one side of your nightstand, the quantity may be fixed for the time being; however, whenever you move one device (or add another), the cords will fall back to where they were, giving the impression that your bedside corner is cluttered and disorganized.

Nightstands that are equipped with media cutouts provide a solution to the issue of unruly cables. Media cutouts, also known as “organizers,” allow you to keep your favorite technology plugged in without creating a chaotic environment. These cutouts, located in the rear, have a streamlined hole through which you can feed every unsightly cable and wire that comes with every electronic gadget.

Best Smart Nightstands

  • The most cutting-edge and innovative nightstands of 2021 Each of these nightstands offer more features that are favorable to technology, more stylish designs, and more good ratings than any other nightstand you will find. Reasons Why We Adore It: The Pierce has a sophisticated appearance that complements the sophisticated technology that it contains. With its two power outlets and two USB ports, this charging station makes it feasible and simple to charge your phone, tablet, and computer simultaneously.
  • Get the Pierce because of its low cost and stay with it because of its superior technology. Important hint: Quadruple up to double the storage capacity and four locations to charge your electronic devices! To achieve symmetry in the main bedroom, place a Pierce nightstand on each side of the bed. If you and your spouse share a bed, doing it this way makes it much simpler for you to maintain your connection to the world.


As a result of the USB ports being placed in an inconvenient location, it is much simpler to keep the wires tidied up and out of sight.  Consider investing in cable management equipment to simplify organizing your belongings if you need to connect more than two devices to the Dawson using an extension cord. If you are very concerned about how the nightstand looks, you should choose wires that are the same color as the nightstand.

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