Build a Solid Vocabulary by Teaching ‘A’ Words for Children

 Build a Solid Vocabulary by Teaching ‘A’ Words for Children

Do you want your child to learn new words? Then, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you understand the tricks to teach words and a list of ‘A’ words for kids. Learning words play an essential role in improving vocabulary development in children. When kids learn words, they will be able to form meaningful sentences. Hence, introducing Osmo’s Words for Kids plays a vital role in helping children to enhance their vocabulary skills. Furthermore, words are essential to be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication helps children thrive in their future endeavors. Given below is a list of a few words starting with ‘A’.

Improve Your Children’s Vocabulary with these ‘A’ Words

Letter A is the first alphabet and the first vowel in the English language alphabet list. Parents can involve their little children in some fun activities and games using this. These games help them explore, understand and remember the words. Here are a few ‘A’ letter words for kids.

  1. Apple
  2. Antenna
  3. Animal
  4. Angel
  5. Astronaut

Tricks to Teach Words for Kids

Words are the building blocks of any language. Excellent hold on the language enhances different areas of communication, namely, reading, listening, writing and speaking. Vocabulary is essential to a child’s triumph for these reasons: A robust hold on vocabulary is directly associated with academic success. Also, learning words assists kids in understanding the world and articulating it in the right way. So, are words important for kids? Yes. Learning the words is an essential part of kids’ curriculum and daily life. Here are a few factors to explain to you about the tips and tricks of teaching words for kids.

  • Memory Game

Involve kids in memory games. Write down each word on two cards. Place the cards upside down, so the words are not visible. Let your child try to match the words. Firstly, matching would be through letter recognition; but, once they have mastered the alphabets, they will be able to recognize the words independently.

  • Read Aloud

This is one of the excellent ways to teach words to children. When you read aloud to your kid or simply conversing about their day, make sure to point out words they have learned when you come across any. For example, if you are reading a book, underline the word with your kid and let your little one do the same. Then, engage them in tracing and coloring the letters.

  • Sensory Play

If you love imaginative fun, try this game using a cookie sheet and shaving cream. First, spray shaving cream onto the cookie sheet. Then, help your little one write words in the shaving cream using their tiny fingers. What’s funny about this game is that it is simply fixed, and penmanship doesn’t matter if they make a mistake. Having your child feel the word formation will make it easier for them to recognize the letters.

  • Write a Story

Kids love stories. Don’t they? Hence, write a paragraph together, using the words in repetition. For instance, you might recite the story of a visit to the jungle, using the introductory sentence: “We go see the Polar Bears.” Again, the proper use and exposure to the words ‘we,’ ‘go,’ ‘see,’ and ‘the’ will help your young one learn them.

In addition, you can introduce your child to Osmo’s words that start with A. Learning these words help them improve their vocabulary skills.