Five Most Common PBX Phone Systems For Businesses In Columbus Ohio

 Five Most Common PBX Phone Systems For Businesses In Columbus Ohio

Small and mid-sized businesses need to take their phone systems seriously, because telecom strategies can often make a huge difference as companies are growing. 

Although there are many different business phone systems for entrepreneurs to choose between, there’s a lot to love about PBX phone systems. PBX stands for private branch exchange, and this essentially means that an entire company’s phones will be linked together across multiple lines and locations. 

PBX phone systems have evolved a lot in recent years, so it makes sense if you’re not aware of the many different PBX options that are available within today’s marketplace. We’ve teamed up with the pbx phone system columbus ohio experts at Data Talk to develop this comprehensive overview detailing the five most common types of PBX phone systems, so if your business is in need of a new phone system, you’ll likely be choosing between the following options! 

Traditional PBX Systems 

Traditional PBX phone systems utilize a landline that relies upon physical hardware like a PBX box. These systems typically entail desk phones that are distributed to each employee. 

As compared to newer telecom advancements, traditional PBX systems have high installation and setup costs. A great benefit of these systems is that they tend to operate reliably, but they also are susceptible to component issues and repairs every now and again. 

Digital PBX Systems 

Digital PBX phone systems combine the best of both worlds in terms of analog/traditional phones and IP phones. What’s great about these systems is that they can be upgraded with many different VoIP features, which are wildly popular among small businesses in Columbus. 

And when you compare digital PBX to traditional PBX, you’ll generally have better call quality from digital systems. Some popular Digital PBX features include auto attendant, call forwarding and voicemail. 

Onsite IP PBX Systems 

Also referred to as VoIP phone systems, this type of PBX system does a wonderful job at utilizing a company’s Web connection and bandwidth for telecom strategies. IP platforms are now the most common type of PBX phone system due to the widespread inception of VoIP technology. 

With help from the Internet, IP PBX systems are now advanced in terms of mobile integration, improved call quality, video calling, call stability and voicemail to email. And many small businesses are also utilizing SIP trunks to make the most of VoIP systems, which provide access to advanced features like disaster recovery, call accounting and call routing. 

One of the main advantages of VoIP systems is their easy setup, because there’s little to no wiring involved with these systems as compared to more traditional PBX systems. 

Cloud-Based Virtual Phone Systems 

Also known as hosted PBX, this is another popular PBX phone system option for businesses of all sizes. This is often the preferred option among larger companies, because this is the type of system that suits unique needs oriented around a large number of users. 

In this system, a company’s telecommunications will go through a router that’s connected to the Web, and this is a great option for remote workers and companies that are spread out geographically. If your company has a lot of international clients, then there’s a lot to love about virtual phone systems.

Some of the most popular features within this system include:

  • Call forwarding 
  • Auto attendants 
  • Conference calls 
  • Call holding
  • Voicemail to email
  • And much more!

And on top of these features, a lot of businesses love how these systems don’t require an extensive amount of hardware. This makes cloud-based phone systems a very economical and convenient option. 

Virtual PBX Phone Systems 

Virtual PBX systems are like the light version of cloud-based phone systems. When you use this type of PBX system, you’ll be able to route your business calls through VoIP extensions, cell phones and landlines. 

Although these systems might lack some of the features associated with the other systems within this list, it’s often a preferred option among small businesses with remote workers. 

Reach Out To Data Talk When Investing In A PBX Phone System In Columbus Ohio! 

There’s a lot to understand about the differences between these different types of PBX phone systems, and it’s important for business leaders in Columbus Ohio to do their homework and work directly with telecom experts while making these vital investments. 

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