Boat Restaurant in Barcelona

 Boat Restaurant in Barcelona

People visit restaurants not only for dinner or lunch but also to gain aesthetic pleasure, have a cultural rest, maintain status, and socialize. The restaurant is carefully chosen to satisfy all needs. In this case, a rental boat in Barcelona has all the advantages over land establishments as it can meet all the clients’ desires.

Advantages of a restaurant on a boat

  • constantly changing views from the window;
  • high level of service;
  • the ability to realize any idea;
  • originality;
  • exquisite dishes cooked on board;
  • comfortable cabins, relaxation zones;
  • sophisticated style.

A boat is about romance that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and carefreeness. You can rent a boat in Barcelona and distract yourself from work and domestic worries. Pleasant live music, hot dishes from the chef, the shimmer of the city’s evening lights – all this is available on a yacht. For maximum comfort, the vessels are equipped with modern equipment and filled with a sophisticated interior. Regardless of the season, boats always have a pleasant microclimate. If you wish to feel alone on board and not to be disturbed, the crew members will come only when needed by the vacationers.

Professional chefs can handle everything, be it a light buffet or an exquisite banquet.

What can be organized on a boat

Socializing with an old friend, a romantic date, celebrating a wedding anniversary, birthday – in a restaurant on a boat is easy to implement. A boat is two in one: you can eat deliciously, relax, and at the same time cruise the Mediterranean Sea, seeing all the main city attractions from a new angle.

On a yacht, you have access to:

  • any music – live, performed by a DJ, recorded;
  • photographer’s services;
  • kitchen – from snacks to hot dishes, drinks;
  • professional team services;
  • wonderful views of the city or green suburban landscapes.

In almost every boat restaurant, you can organize a banquet for many guests, which allows celebrating important life events: a wedding, anniversary, or a good deal with a work team, at the same time, in an unusual environment, which no land restaurant can offer.

How to order a boat

The company Barcelona Boat Rental is happy to participate in the organization of any celebration and offers to rent a yacht at a favorable price. For romantic seclusion, you can choose any boat, but if many guests are invited to the restaurant on the ship, pay attention to its capacity. The catalog presents a wide choice of yachts with a full description of technical characteristics and rental cost. When the choice is made, all that remains is to call the manager and inform him of your plans. He will be happy to meet you on the chosen vessel, help organize the event, make up the menu, or give advice on how best to compile the program so that the guests don’t have time to get bored.

Felton Walsh