A Few Benefits the White Fillings Offer You

 A Few Benefits the White Fillings Offer You

Composite resin fillings are becoming increasingly popular as a way to treat damage caused by cavities as well as tooth decay. The major reason this approach is so appealing is that the resin filling closely gels with the natural look of our teeth. Hence, they are ideal for filling cavities in both front and rear teeth.

What a composite resin filling really is?

It is a tooth-colored plastic and glass blend that closely simulates the feel and look of actual teeth. Layers are applied and solidified with a specific curing light. To fill the cavity, the resin in the mixture adheres to the tooth’s surface.

How will this method be applied?

After the resin has been prepared by the dentist 4S Ranch, the mixture will be applied to the tooth in layers. A special curing lamp will next be used to solidify each layer of resin. To help avoid future stains and wear and tear prematurely, the composite can be smoothened out and polished.

Let us discuss in this post a few benefits that you can get from such filling.

1. Less Drilling will be needed than other kinds of fillings

As compared to any other forms of fillings, composite fillings will not necessitate as much removal of a tooth. The entire tooth grows stronger once your filling has had a chance to join with your natural tooth.

However, with amalgam fillings, a considerable piece of your original tooth, as well as any decayed sections, must be removed. This may cause deterioration of the overall structure of your tooth.

2. Composite fillings can easily bond to your present tooth

There are two techniques to use composite fillings:

  • Onlays
  • Overlays

Your tooth will be prepared for application, and then a certain bonding agent is applied and inserted, which will harden as it joins with your natural tooth.

3. They harden quickly

A special light is placed inside your mouth after the filling has been applied to the tooth to assist the bonding agent to get hardened faster. In most cases, the filling cures and hardens in a matter of seconds.

4. Composite fillings will also fix your cracked and chipped teeth

Composite resin applications are an excellent choice for mending cracks and chips in teeth due to their durability, short bonding time, and natural appearance. Even resin-based veneers can be made using this process.

5. Composite fillings can reduce your tooth sensitivity

Composite resin fillings are less likely to cause tooth sensitivity than other kinds of fillings. The resin protects teeth from both cold and hot temperatures of the meals and beverages that we consume on a regular basis.

6. Your composite fillings also can be repaired

If your fillings start deteriorating, your dentist Poway can clean and repair them as needed. It may be possible to replace amalgam fillings with composite resin fillings if you currently have amalgam fillings.

7. They are non-toxic

The white filling is made of non-toxic ceramic and plastic. This makes it the best and safest option to metal fillings. The metal fillings could cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to to metals since they include a variety of metal alloys, like mercury.

8. They are stable

If you go for silver dental fillings then it requires the removal of a sufficient quantity of enamel, which can weaken teeth and may cause pain. White fillings require very little enamel removal.

9. They don’t need long for putting in

Composite resin fillings solidify fast. A unique laser will accelerate the hardening procedure when the filling is put on the tooth enamel, and also the bonding agent will stick to your tooth in seconds. 

10. They are durable

White fillings were often thought to be too weak to resist the forces of crushing and chewing. White fillings’ quality and performance have increased with improved technology, and now they can endure for years.

11. They can resist temperature change

Silver fillings expand/contract when exposed to heat or cold since they are comprised of metal. This can cause cracking and weakness. Composite fillings, on the contrary, are resistant to changes in temperature since they are insulated from any hot or cold foods.

12.They can easily be repaired

Composite fillings can deteriorate as a result of frequent grinding or chewing, but they can be restored. To keep the affected region clean, schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as your filling ever is damaged or falls out, and avoid chewing or eating. Waiting for much longer may result in tooth decay.

12. They are versatile

Many tooth problems can be solved with white fillings. They are a terrific technique to restore teeth that are cracked, chipped, fractured, or worn down, in addition to recovering a rotten tooth.

There are several benefits of using white fillings for healing decaying or fractured teeth. Because of their longevity and adaptability, white fillings can be a better choice than metal fillings to preserve your beautiful smile and protect your tooth enamel.

Are you still in a dilemma about whether composite resin fillings will be the right choice for you? Then you must contact dentist Rancho Bernardo and consult. Rancho Bernardo is dedicated to providing its clients with proper dental care that can meet all their needs and often may exceed their expectations.

Chester Swift