7 remote destinations with natural beauty to visit in 2021

 7 remote destinations with natural beauty to visit in 2021

Today, everyone avoids the touristy places. It is true that everyone wants to resume travel, vacations and holidays with family and friends but no one likes to catch the covid-19 infection for it. The coupon.ae assists the tourists in selecting the best destinations where risk of infection is lower than other areas. On the other hand, this source also updates about Air Arabia promo code so traveling becomes affordable and cheap for everyone. Nowadays, air travel is quite expensive due to the 50% passenger or distance requirements. Airlines such as Air Arabia are using special tactics to ensure that no one receives infection while on board. Here are the best remote destinations to travel in this year without fear of covid-19 pandemic. 

Tristan da Cunha:

This is a British Overseas Territory with volcanic islands in South Atlantic. Surprisingly, the population of this island is only 258 people. South Africa is the neighboring country of this territory. Traveling this island would be a new experience for couples and friends who like some adventure in life. 

Cape York Peninsula:

This is part of Australia in the northernmost point. This peninsula is a dangerous place because of the heavy population of crocodiles in the lakes. However, it is a best place for fishing. The indigenous communities are owner of this land but they are very welcoming. Book your flights to Cairns, Australia with Air Arabia promo code and drive 28 hours to see this wonder world. 

Oymyakon, Russia:

This is a remote Russian town with a population of only 1500 people. This is among the coldest inhabited destinations in the world. On the other hand, it remains in dark for 21 hours a day while the temperature remains around -58 degrees. No doubt, it sounds very difficult to live there but tourists with courage and adventurous nature must visit Oymyakon. This will let them learn about surviving in cold with frozen fish, reindeer meat, and macaroni with frozen horse blood. 

Easter Island, Chile:

Well, the Easter Island is not an unknown destination. It is among the tourist’s attractions but a few people visit these islands. The economy of this area is increasing after the covid-19 pandemic. Actually, it emerged as a remote destination with lowest infection rate in 2020. 

Pitcairn Island:

This is another British Overseas Territory around the New Zealand. It is 3300 miles away from the New Zealand and only way to reach this island is a yacht. Tourists can find the flights to New Zealand with Air Arabia promo code.

Siwa Oasis, Egypt:

 The name of Siwa Oasis comes to mind when we talk about the remote destinations in Africa or Middle East. This Egyptian island is famous for the Cleopatra’s Bath in the mineral springs. Enjoy the great luxury because government is installing new setups to promote tourism in this valley. 

Changtang, Tibet:

This is popular as ‘Roof of The World.” It has the altitude of 4000 to 9000 ft and it is home to nomadic people. This area is famous for snow leopards and yaks.

Clare Louise