Wall cladding is a process of applying a decorative material to the outside of a building. The wall can be flat or curved, and it may be made from brick, stone, wood, or metal. Wall cladding can be applied to the outside of buildings to decorate them or simply to give them an attractive appearance. The term “cladding” is sometimes used in place of “wall” when referring to other types of structures such as tower blocks and bridges.

wall cladding has been used for at least 5,000 years and was one of the earliest uses of stone for architectural purposes. It was often used for masonry in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, China, Assyria, and Rome.

The ancient Greeks used both stucco and plaster as wall cladding. In ancient Greece, there were several different types of plaster: alabaster plaster (white), red marble (red), fine white marble (white), fine red marble (red), black marble (black), and purple-red marble. Wall cladding is used to finish the interior and exterior of buildings. It can be made from other materials such as metal, fiberglass, or plastic.

Wall cladding is commonly used on buildings that are exposed to the elements. This includes residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial structures. It is also used when there are concerns about weathering or corrosion. Wall cladding can be made with a variety of materials including wood, metal, and vinyl.


There are different types of wall cladding depending on how it’s going to be used in your project. Some examples include:

Metal cladding – Metal panels are usually used on exterior walls because they’re able to withstand high UV levels, which can cause rusting and mildew growth over time. They’re also great at blocking sound from coming through the walls. Metal is typically installed with screws or nails into studs (or joists) for support purposes. Depending on the type of metal you choose, there may be special requirements for cleaning up any debris left behind after installation has been completed

Wall cladding is a material that is used to finish the surface of the wall. It is used in many different ways like wall covering, wall paneling, and tile cladding. Wall cladding can be used both inside and outside the house. Inside the house, it can be used for decoration purposes as well as to protect your walls from water damage.


Wall cladding has many benefits over other materials like wood paneling, bricks, and concrete blocks that can be used for decorating your home’s interior or exterior walls. Wall cladding is a type of wall covering, which is used to give the walls a decorative appearance. The term “wall cladding” can refer to either exterior or interior cladding. The purpose of using wall cladding is to create a specific look on the wall and make it look more attractive.

Wall cladding can also be used to give a plain or boring wall a beautiful look by adding color, texture, or pattern to it. This will make your home unique and personal because you have chosen to use this type of material in its design.

Felton Walsh