5 Compelling Reasons You Should Choose Silestone Countertops 

 5 Compelling Reasons You Should Choose Silestone Countertops 

Remodeling the kitchen isn’t an easy task. But, if you know which material to use for countertops, you will save a lot of time. How about choosing Silestone? This particular material is a wonderful pick. It has been on the market for more than 20 years. Although it has gained popularity over the last seven or eight years, people are still unaware of it. 

Here’s an article that highlights the five compelling reasons for choosing Silestone countertops. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s get started! 

  • Silestone is Made of 94% Quartz 

The material is made of 94 percent quartz. It is bonded with adhesives and resins. And that’s precisely why it’s durable, hard, and scratch-resistant. 

  • Silestone is a stain-resistant Material

Most buyers look for a material that does not get stains easily. Thankfully, Silestone is dense and non-porous. It will not absorb any liquid as it has a tough seal. It has the same qualities as tough granite. 

You don’t have to worry about staining from different liquids like wine, oil, coffee, or champagne. If you are a keen chef or an amateur cook, this material is great for your kitchen. 

  • You will find a variety of colors in Silestone

Isn’t it amazing when you get too many options? Fortunately, Silestone is available in various colors and styles. You will find a lot of patterns too. People call it a dream material because it complements any style of kitchen. 

  • It’s easy to maintain Silestone

The material can be maintained easily. It does not have to be sealed like other materials such as Corian. 

Moreover, Silestone is made of 94% quartz so it has a natural sheen. You don’t need to get it polished frequently. 

  • Silestone is A highly durable material 

Silestone is 94% quartz so it is resistant to scratches and doesn’t get damaged by water contact. If durability happens to be a top priority for you, choose Silestone. 

How much does Silestone cost? 

Silestone cost depends on the store you are buying from, quality grade, and thickness. Please note that the price of the material does not include installation charges. 

You need to check out the collection at Granite au Sommet Quartz countertops to find out the pricing. It should be between $50 to $100 / square foot. 

Silestone is simplistic yet beautiful. It looks elegant in any kind of kitchen. Don’t forget to ask about the warranty – most companies will offer it to you. 

Felton Walsh