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Bold & Brave: Women Lead Orlando

The dinner, Women Lead Orlando, is the brainchild of Dana Marie Roquemore, founder of The Dinner Party Project, and Laura Youngkin, founder of The Brave Millennial, who wanted a different way to connect leading women of all ages in a relevant fashion.

High Level Wisdom for New Generation Leaders Interviews Laura Youngkin of The Brave Millennial

Technology enables us to quickly access information. Is this trend causing millennials to also want to be successful quickly?
Laura talks about her experiences in having to go around middle management to get to senior management in search of solutions.

Hannah Moore of the Financial Planner Podcast interviews Laura Youngkin of the Brave Millennial

It’s great that many Millennials have a healthy disrespect for the way things have always been done because the world is relying on us for progress.

Local expert shares advice on career advancemenT

Laura Youngkin shares information on what you can do to obtain a promotion or a pay increase in your current job or field of work.
Raspberry Magazine interview with Laura Youngkin of The Brave Millennial



The Brave Millennial makes a stop in Dallas to empower young women in the workplace


10 Ultra-Productive Things to Do With 15 Free Minutes at Work

We talked with 11 bonafide girlbosses to figure out how to get the same mental relief without totally sacrificing productivity. Use their top 10 tips to feel majorly refreshed in a short amount of time — all while making an impact.

The Brave Millennial Movement Gives Women A Place To Feel Heard

A simple conversation can be the perfect first step towards change. 
While Laura Youngkin, founder of The Brave Millennial, was having countless conversations with women about the variety of issues that they faced in the workforce — from feeling burnt out to balancing life and work to dealing with the infamous wage gap — she finally realized that having these conversations was the catalyst necessary to create equality and inclusion.

The Brave Millennial: An Empowering Space for Young Women

"I firmly believe that our generation has the ability to change the world for the better," says Laura Youngkin, the founder of an exciting new project called The Brave Millennial. Beginning this past year, Youngkin set out to do just that. I had the pleasure of speaking with this inspiring woman to find out more about this project and even get a bit of life advice.

Telling Stories, Building Culture: An Interview with Laura Youngkin

I recently got the chance to speak with Laura Youngkin, the founder of The Brave Millennial. This organization brings together women between the ages of 22 and 35 to discuss the challenges they face as young professionals and brainstorm ways to overcome them. In doing so, Laura hopes to empower millennial women to leverage storytelling as a means of changing the way they are viewed in the workplace.