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Thank you to all who attended the 2016 Tour! Because of you, and the generous support of each community, the tour was a huge success. Stay tuned for more information on local events and gatherings in 2017.

The Brave Millennial events are a space for Millennial women to connect with one another over shared experiences from diverse perspectives. Each participant is asked to take an anonymous survey prior to the event, with topics ranging from work/life integration to personal wellness, family, finance, social media, and beyond. Each city's session is designed around the feedback from the participants. Every event includes a half hour of networking at the top, then two hours of moderated and structured discussion, with wine and food along the way. Participants leave feeling empowered, understood, and inspired. 

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The Brave Millennial was founded by Laura Youngkin in 2015 in response to a growing need she saw in the entertainment industry to support and promote young women. Intelligent, educated, hardworking, high-potential Millennial women all around her were not advancing at the rate they should, and many were still experiencing the kind of old-school age and gender bias that’s plagued our society for centuries. They were sharing their stories in hushed conversations, fearful of being punished if they spoke up, and Laura wanted to create a safe space for them to openly discuss these challenges in detail and come up with active solutions to make change. Laura was also insatiably curious. Was this just happening in the entertainment industry? Just in LA? Or, were women across the country still actively, but silently, dealing with these challenges? She wondered what would happen if she hosted forums in cities across the US to discuss these issues [unconscious bias, equal pay, work/life balance, maternity leave, racial bias, politics, and more] with women in her peer group. Thus, The Brave Millennial was born.



The Brave Millennial community is comprised of women ages 22 to 35 from all corners of the country. They come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and represent a wide variety of industries.