The First 48 Hours.

By: Laura | March 3, 2016

Words almost can't express our gratitude for the amazing response we've received since launching the site two days ago. Thank you to everyone who's emailed us, Facebooked us, texted us, and shared our news in your own social networks. We've connected with some incredible women across the country and completely filled our capacity for our LA event on March 16th. To those who would still like to participate, we're already thinking about doing another session in LA later this year, as well as finding a way for you to contribute online. A huge thrill for us has been receiving emails from brand new friends and we are genuinely excited for the chance to meet so many new people throughout the course of this year. 

Lauren and I are not professional bloggers, trained writers, educated researchers, or accomplished filmmakers. But we are storytellers. And we feel the stories of our generation are ready for an authentic and supportive platform. We have some story vehicles in mind, but what we find over the next year may require something we haven't thought of yet - and we're okay with that. We know that by listening and learning the stories of our community will tell us how they want to be told. Right now our favorite saying is "we don't know exactly where we're going, but we're on the way!" - you can imagine why. 

Brave M. will be growing (digitally and emotionally) over the next several months and we appreciate you coming along for the ride. We are in need of a few resources in every city, so if you're in a Brave M. city on the current list, we'd love your help! We have acquired a few sponsors for specific cities and items, but will definitely need more. These are things like: still photography, professional video/audio support, event spaces, event rentals, food/wine, web support, accommodations, and access to local social networks. Shoot us a line if you would like to volunteer or contribute. 

It's 12:04am on the east coast, so that means it's Friday, which means it's the weekend! Have a great one, everybody.