The Doing of the Thing is the Thing

By: Laura | March 1st, 2016

Last year, while we (Lauren and I) were both experiencing some major life transitions (see: job changes, cross-country moves, etc.) we decided we wanted to work together. We wanted to collaborate. We wanted to make something. But most of all, we wanted to make a difference. The question was: how? 

One of my favorite books in recent memory is Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. There's a chapter where Amy writes, "talking about the thing is not the thing, the doing of the thing is the thing." This quote has been lodged in the back of my mind for months. It's not enough to simply talk about the thing. You have to do the thing. So, after months of talking, planning, brainstorming, worrying, and dreaming, we are excited to finally say: we're doing the thing. 

The Brave Millennial is the thing and it's happening! We don't know where this journey will lead us, and we don't know what stories will unfold, but we are beyond thrilled to jump into the infinite abyss and see what happens. 

Thank you to our families and friends who have already shown us tremendous support in launching this endeavor. Want to join us on this journey? Here we go.